X.W., Former Patient

"Was put in contact with Collin when he was with Gentiva for, I believe was a heart issue. and I have always contacted him for all my physical therapy needs thereafter. Very professional, courteous, reassuring, knows his stuff. I highly recommend Dr. Collin."


H.W., Former Patient's Daughter

"Dr. Collin was great and really helped my father improve."


D.C., former patient

"J.R. was wonderful, he worked her hard and did not let up. He was very personable and just cant say enough good things about him. Collin was great as well."



A.M., Former Patient

"Dr. Collin was just the best! He is #1 in my book. He was always on time and just great. He has helped so much I am well on my way to recovery."


C., Former Patient

"On a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate Shauwnn a TWELVE!! I had the pleasure of working with Shauwnn (and Dr. Collin!!) at home as part of my recovery from knee replacement surgery.Shauwnn knows his stuff!! And he knows when you are trying to stuff him!! He is equal parts smart, fun, funny, tough, relentless, precise, perfectionist!!I would not be where I am in my recovery, 3+ weeks post op, were it not for the teamwork and partnership with Shauwnn. He is worth his weight in GOLD!!" 




J.L., Former Patient

"Just completed thirteen sessions of in-home physical therapy with Dr. Collin Adu following total knee replacement surgery last month. Each session was varied and oriented to reaching a mutually agreed upon aggressive goal. Onesource and Collin get my highest recommendations."


A.V., Former patient

"Your knowledge, expertise and professionalism all contributed to the success of my Physical therapy. The Sessions were difficult and painful yet I came away feeling good that progress was made.PS: You're the only person I ever thanked for hurting me!!"


M.O., Former patient

"Nine weeks post total hip replacement and my home therapist, Dr Collin Adu 'One Source Sports Neuro' just released me from therapy. So excited but sad too as he became a great friend pushing me through the recovery process as well as encouraging me that Yes I Can Do This!. I will be forever grateful for him and what he taught me. Also, I am able now to understand my other spinal disease and cope more with the pain and the life change it involves. It is the 1st time in my medical path of 9 years that I can honestly say I am excited...I know what I need to do daily! So now onto the next chapter (without my lifeline Dr. Adu). Life is really great and YES, I am truly blessed!"